Below are links to QuickTime movies containing the opening credits to Superman the Movie and Superman II. To view the movie from your browser, click on the link. To download the movie to your computer, Option-Click (for Macintosh users) or Right-Click (for Windows users) on the link. Both higher and lower quality versions are available.

You should be using QuickTime 4 to view these movies. The high quality video uses Cinepak compression at 29fps and the audio is in 11kHz 8-bit mono format. The Superman I credits are of very mediocre quality, as it was video captured from a VHS copy of the widescreen laserdisc movie. The Superman II credits still inspire the thrill and excitement of a casino night much like the first, but are of slightly better quality, as it is a first generation VHS copy from the widescreen presentation on AMC. Although I find the credits to Superman II inferior to those of the original, it does contain a nice recap of the first movie.


Opening Credits to Superman I (3:56, 316 X 132 pixels, High Quality, 57.2 MB)

Opening Credits to Superman II (5:25, 308 X 136 pixels, High Quality, 107.6 MB)


Lower Quality Movies (Sorenson video compression, 15 fps, 8-bit 8kHz audio):
Superman 1 Opening Credits (Lower Quality) (20.4 MB)
Superman 2 Opening Credits (Lower Quality) (43.1 MB)


Link to QuickTime 4



Below are links to the various versions of the Theme from Superman composed by John Williams in MP3 format, including links to purchase the CD's from which they come. Each of the files is between 4MB and 6 MB in size. You must have an MP3 player to paly them. 

John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra:

John Debney and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra:

John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra:

and others...

Superman Theme from these sources:

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