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 Most recent update: 9/10/08

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Hello, welcome to my collection of Hoyle web sites. The purpose of this is to allow you to easy access to the personal web pages of the various Hoyles throughout the world. If this is not your first time visiting this site, you will have noticed that a number of these pages have changed. Many that were here a few months ago are gone and replaced by new ones. It seems that a large number of sites seem to spring up with enthusiasm, only later to go unchanged and dropped. I guess this is typical for such a fast moving field as the WorldWide Web. If you know of a personal web page of a Hoyle that is not included here, please email me. Likewise, if you are the owner of a page which I have included which you would like removed for some reason, please tell me that as well. My email address is jonhoyle@mac.com . Feel free to include this link on your web sites!

First of all let me tell you what you will not find in these list of web pages: I have purposefully left out commercial sites. Although there are a number of businesses with the Hoyle name, from large corporations to family run operations, my purpose is to look at personal pages, containing interests, hobbies, pictures, etc. When a commercial site has an "About Us" page containing personal information about a Hoyle, I have included that. A page which contains simply a resume, I did not consider useful to include. Those with pictures, or those with a theme of some kind, I tried to include.

Secondly, I have also included Hoyle pages dedicated to a particular topic. For example, Gillian Hoyle's site on Voyager and Lorraine Hoyle's site on Shamanism are included here. In addition, I have included some pages which are articles or references to a Hoyle which I deemeed interesting enough to include, even if it was not technically a home page. You will find pages for Hoyles all around the world, particulary the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia. With this most recent update, I have tried to put those sites with more "personality" closer to the top of the list.

Finally, my only criterion for consideration for inclusion is the last name of "Hoyle" of the person in question. For that reason, this may not be a useful vehicle for geneological study. There are Hoyles from all around the world and of various races, some born with their name, some marrying into it. I have included as many of these as I can. With regard to family line, I have noticed there are are two significant branches here in the United States: those who came to this country several hundred years ago, and those who arrived more recently at the turn of the century and often live in the northeast. The former tend to live in the south and have ancestors who have fought in the Civil War on the Confederate side. The latter have family members who were born in England. I am of the latter (my dad was the first in his family to be born in America), and so I am more closely related to the Hoyles in England than those here in the U.S.

For those interested in a more in-depth genealogical view and the history of the Hoyles, visit Lonnie Hoyle's web page.

Feel free to browse through the various pages. Among those sharing our name is a well-known astronomer, North Carolina State Senator, a stuntwoman and actress (who most recently appeared in the movie Pearl Harbor), a number of college professors, and many more. Also, I am rather impressed with the number of Mathematicians amongst the Hoyles.

Any suggestions to this site are welcome. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.


Jonathan Hoyle