Personal Link Page

If you can tell anything about a person by the links he chooses, this may tell you a little something about me. These include interests, hobbies, politics, charities, movies and personal favorites in web sites.


9/11 Remembrance Mathematical Association of America Superman the Movie Niagara Falls Citizens Against Government Waste Action on Smoking and Health Eastman Kodak Fox News Comic Book Conventions PayPal Talk Origins Internet Movie Movie Database Jennicam University of Delaware White House American Heart Association Discovery Channel Film Score Monthly The Princess Bride Record Research Metrowerks National Space Society Gene Codes Forensics Enya Infinity Ink Weather Channel Coca Cola NASA MacWeek University of Michigan Life without Shame wwdc The Man Show Cherry Poptart Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Free Speech Match Game Soundtrack Cinema God and Devil Show Blair Witch Project John Williams Dilbert Foundation for a Smoke-Free America Casablanca Civil War Dawn of the Dead Three Stooges