This page was first created in late 2000 about the original score to Superman the Movie. In the past two decades, internet web design has changed, but I wanted to preserve this page as I had intended at the time. However, I did update the hyperlinks (removing invalid ones), replaced QuickTime plug-in videos with animated gifs or YouTube links, and otherwise made the page to work on modern browsers. For those interested in seeing what it looked like in an earlier form, here is an Internet Archive link to it from May 4, 2001.


YouTube links to opening credits:
Superman 1 Opening Credits
Superman 2 Opening Credits


Below are links to the various versions of the Theme from Superman composed by John Williams in MP3 format, including links to purchase the CD's from which they come. 

John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra:

John Debney and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra:

John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra:

and others...

Superman Theme from these sources:

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