According to Hoyle... Column Archive
by Jonathan Hoyle


From 2003 through 2010, macCompanion was a monthly magazine, devoted to being beacon of brave writing and no-hold-barred reporting for the Macintosh community.  Nothing like it existed before, and sadly its like will be unlikely to appear again soon.  With the dramatic cutbacks in the magazine industry at the end of the decade, macCompanion fell victim to the economics that caused a flurry of magazines to fold.  August 2010 was the final issue of this great magazine, as macCompanion was purchased by the very well known MacTech, one of the best Mac technical magazines.

From September 2005 through to the magazine's end, I was fortunate enough to be its Software Development Columnist, and devoted five full years to the 60 monthly According to Hoyle... columns I eventually authored.  Many time consuming hours were spent researching and refining, just to get the article right for my readers.  (Anyone who has ever been a columnist knows the combination of joy and stress involved in the creation process.)  These columns ranged from the very technical (eg my multi-part series on Cross-Platform Development Strategies from a Macintosh Perspective) to the amusing (Programmer Jokes, Top 10 Macintosh Fiascos) to the the practical (Running Classic on Leopard & Intel).

This is the According to Hoyle... column archive for macCompanion, beginning with its inception in 2005 through to the end of its run.  Feel free to peruse and enjoy.  Although the articles in this archive will gently age, with some of their information becoming long in the tooth, I think you will find that there are still a lot of value for today's readers.  With macCompanion no longer being available, each column below may be accessed via one of three links:

[article] : A local (fast) copy of the original article, minus adware.  Ad graphics are reduced to static image files with no links.  Most macCompanion content links continue to point to archived magazine sites.
[archive] : The original article (when available) as preserved by the Internet Archive (includes ads, sometimes missing images).
[magazine] : A pdf version of the entire issue of that month's macCompanion.
[HTML] : A generic HTML version of the article.

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